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An eCommerce experience that simplifies the checkout process with thoughtfully presented product choices -- for an exciting way to Add to Cart. The configurator opened the door to expanding our product line and increasing conversion.


Product designer.
Team included marketing, engineering+QA, product, and content design.


Increase conversion and decrease cart abandon rate. Our website is the only way to buy Tempo, so enhancing the top-of-funnel experience was a top priority.

Increase membership activation rate. Our main source of revenue comes from membership payments, but folks were buying hardware without activating their membership. We needed to make sure membership was an attractive and essential piece of the Tempo experience - and that it was easy to activate.

Make it easy to pay over time. It's a pricy product, and almost half our purchases were being made with Affirm. However, that payment option was not well communicated throughout the experience, so sticker shock might be one cause of cart abandonment.



We're a Series C startup facing stagnancy in sales. After the boom of at-home fitness purchases during the pandemic started to decline, we needed to tackle the problem of retaining sales as folks started returning to the gym.

It's a multifaceted problem, but a key piece that my team looked at was to increase our website CVR by creating a transparent and delightful shopping experience.

Our shopping experience was clunky: in order to join Tempo, you'd need to figure out which pricy hardware set works best for you, and buy a monthly subscription alongside that. Not quite as simple as "Add to Cart", which is what we had been displaying.

Addressing choice paralysis & providing decision support

A slick and fun-to-use "configurator" could help customers with the multitude of choices to be made by spotlighting one choice at a time, alongside hero'ed visuals and access to education. The goal was for customers to feel like they were personally building the product that's right for them.


A few key considerations:

  • Tempo hardware is beautifully crafted and a huge selling point. Each choice should trigger a visual update so customers become excited for what they're purchasing.

  • The framework should be expandable such that it can support more packages and product lines based on business needs.

  • Each choice should immediately advance to the next, so I spent time workshopping different interaction models.

  • We commonly advertise on social media mobile apps, causing much of our traffic to be on mobile. I needed to ensure a mobile-first web design, where mobile customers didn't miss out on hero imagery due to limited screen real estate.

  • Based on traffic data of our main educational pages - and the amount of questions CX was fielding - we surmised that customers were not quite educated enough on each product line by the time they reached checkout. Adding decision support opportunities became an important piece of the configurator.


Design validation

Here's where I fell in love with ecom work - our incredible team was able to launch first versions very quickly, and then gather data to validate and iterate just as fast.

A couple insights that we noted and improved upon along the way:

  • Customer journeys spent less time on product education throughout the site, and more time going directly to the configurator. I went back to beef up the decision support overlays with more visual information, so that we could rely on the configurator to educate and prompt purchasing at the moment where customers spent their time.

  • Because such a large fraction of customers were still choosing Affirm at checkout, I wanted to make the monthly pricing much clearer. The static membership price in the header became a live-updating price counter, reflecting the change in price with each choice.

  • With the flexible nature of the configurator, we were able to add several new product lines, including the Tempo Core bundles and additional Tempo Move bundles. So many new choices necessitated carousel images that could then update with each choice.


Configurator in use

We've launched this updated shopping experience, first appearing in August 2022. As with any project, we continue to iterate and improve, so it's constantly evolving!


You made it!

Thanks for reading.

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