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A brand new digital storefront. 

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Tempo doesn't just need to sell a free weight system and a monthly software membership -- we need to engage customers with an aspirational lifestyle oriented around their fitness & wellness goals.

Our storefront needed a refresh that educates customers clearly on what they are purchasing, and inspires them to envision Tempo fitting neatly into their hectic lives.

MY ROLE: DEC 2021 - JUN 2023

Core product designer for the eCommerce pod.

Because this effort included a full brand refresh, I worked closely with brand marketing & creative direction teams.

And of course, nothing could be possible without the magic of engineering and product partners.

🚀 Our new site experience launched June.


Take a stroll through!


We're moving fast and have lots of design & storytelling improvements scoped for the next quarter. 

We've also got user sessions and clickthrough analytics rolling in -- I'm looking forward to diving into how this data can inform our next rounds of design improvements.

You made it!

Thanks for reading.

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